Frenos Iruña

Frenos Iruña designs, developes and manufactures brake component systems for automotive and off-highway vehicles (tractors, excavators, dumpers, forest machinery among others, all related in general to agricultural and public works).

Aproximately 15% of staff works in new products developing and R&D (research & development). Furthermore we actually maintain a close cooperation with several home technologic centres as Citean ( and UPNA (

Frenos Iruña was founded over 50 years ago, is based in Pamplona (North of Spain) and owns new facilities in a industrial plot of 22.000 m².


Misión, visión, valores

• 1958 – Founded in Pamplona
• 1970 – Start supplying to OEM (Automotive & Off-highway)
• 1997 – Gets the ISO 9001
• 2001 – Profit centers organization (UGV´s Unit that Generates Value)
• 2002 – Gets the ISO-TS 16949
• 2003 – Collaboration agreement with TRW Automotive (Boosters, Master cylinder, Calipers)
• 2004 – Collaboration agreement with Pierburg (Vacuum Pumps)
• 2004 – New factory (Manufacturing facility and Offices) 8000 m² Building. (Total land 22000 m²)
• 2007 – Starting on WINDTURBINE Business
• 2008 – Acquires a metallic mould foundry for castings.
• 2013 – Found Iruna Indian Brakes in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu. 1.000 m2 Building.
• 2015 – Acquires Industrias Metalúrgicas Bidezar and intregrates the production of machined largest single pieces.

Ensuring sustainable profitability, generating skills, knowledge and resources to promote and finance development by expanding into new markets, products and customers, maintaining current and satisfying them through design, quality, service and price.

Differentiating ourselves from our competitors with an exciting project for all members of the organization, feeling satisfied, valued, recognized and autonomous; being related to involvement of employees in the company, deploying our best energies and abilities with our contributions and efforts. All with ethical and civic-social behavior, respecting and contributing to our society and environment.

Leading company worldwide in:
• Innovation and dynamism
• Product
• Process
• Knowledge
• International presence
As a supplier of brake components in the different market segments:
• Off Highway, Automotive, Wind Power and Spare parts

• Involvement, participation, honesty and exemplariness of all members of the organization
• Active management to gather information and opportunities for all staff
• Transparency of information and communication
• Innovative organization, very adaptable to changes and improvements etc.
• Training for all staff
• Importance of quality
• Security for jobs places and in jobs places
• Consistency with all approaches
• Social responsibility in our environment

Our main purpose is to meet our customer demands in terms of quality and service. We set up the following guideline:

  • Quality in all actions. Total quality TQM.
  • Customer demands testing.
  • Staff motivation. Organization by mini-factories (ugv´s).
  • Continuous improvement, by developing PDCA cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act.
  • Communication and collaboration with employees, suppliers and society.

This quality policy is understood, applied and supported day by day by all the organization.

In 2000 Frenos Iruña established its mission in the following terms: “To be one of the best brake components suppliers at world-wide level in the appropiated segments within the company´s capacity”.

To reach its goals Frenos Iruña carried out an internal reflection process that detected the need to have 3 working teams which would integrate the complete products range process.

The work teams represents an organizational model where people become owners of the process in which they take part and its end result.

The work teams satisfies customers needs assuming basic activities and improvement management. Summarizing, it is about flattening the organization in order to facilitate the information flow and speed up the decision making, without delays and time wasting.

They were designed taking to account the 3 main family products lines within witch to integrate the whole range of Frenos Iruña products.

Every work team is composed by: a manager, a technical team formed by a technical expert, a product designer engineer and a facilitator (supplying, planning, invoicing, customer service…) and the manufacturing team.

Together with the working teams, certain key roles require support members to fully integrate with the factory and so achieve the complete end result.

Frenos Iruña´s modern facilities are settled up in 8000 m² (that can be enlarged till 12000 m²), and were constructed following our necessities and adapted to our work vision.

Facilities are furnished with machinery-facilities-equipment (for mechanic process, tooling, assembling…), mechanic warehouse, laboratory, test laboratory and offices adapted the research, developing, manufacturing, assembling and marketing process.



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