Trust & Innovation

Our main purpose is to meet our customer demands in terms of quality and service.

We set up the following guideline.

Quality in all actions. Total quality TQM.

Customer demands for testing.

Staff motivation. Organization by mini-factories (UGV´s).

Continuous improvement, by developing PDCA cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act.

Communication and collaboration with employees, suppliers and society.

This quality policy is understood, applied and supported day by day by all the organization.


Involvement, participation, honesty and the setting a good example demonstrated by all members of the organization.

Active management to gather information and opportunities for all staff members.

Transparency of information and communication.

Innovative organization, very adaptable to changes and improvements etc.

Training for all staff members.

Importance of all aspects of Quality in the activity.

Security for jobs and in the workplace.

Consistency with all approaches.

Social responsibility in our environment.